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Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention And Treatment

29 Sep

The medical term, peripheral neuropathy occurs due to the damage of the peripheral nerves. Basically, peripheral nervous system transmits information from our brain and spinal cord to the entire body. More specifically, Peripheral Neuropathy has three forms, motor nerves (connects to your muscles), autonomic nerves (connects to your internal organs) and sensory nerves (connects to your skin). The health condition, peripheral neuropathy may target all/any of the mentioned nerve groups.

More often, the condition sources pain and numbness in the feet and hands. Besides, other body areas may also be affected. Weakness is a common sign of peripheral neuropathy. The medical condition may be consequent due to inherited factors, metabolic problems, infections, etc. The foremost reason of its instigation is diabetes mellitus. Individuals with the condition may depict their pain as burning or stabbing. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can be eased, if the causal condition is treatable. Though, the right treatment can help in easing its pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes:

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes include certain autoimmune diseases, alcoholism, diabetes, specific medications particularly those used for treating cancer, exposure to poisons, infections, inherited disorders, pressure on the nerve, traumas, tumors, vitamin deficiencies, bone marrow disorders and other diseases.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms:

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms rely upon the type of nerve affected. However, a few of its common signs include diarrhea, extreme sweating, pain that may feel like burning or stabbing, tingling numbness or tightness that can be felt in the feet and hands, difficulties to digesting food, constipation, skin thinning, sexual dysfunction, and low blood pressure. In addition, weakness is a common sign of peripheral neuropathy. Weakness increases the incidence of dropping things, the patient holds.


Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis:

Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis is based upon the symptoms, medical history, and neurological exam. To determine the grounds of nerve damage, blood tests can also be recommended. Besides, lumbar puncture, imaging tests, nerve biopsy, nerve function tests, and skin biopsy are also expected to be carried out.

Peripheral Neuropathy Prognosis:

Peripheral neuropathy prognosis depends upon the trigger of nerve damage. The majority of neuropathies that are carried forward from the affected families are incurable.

Peripheral Neuropathy Prevention:

Peripheral Neuropathy Prevention can be done by limiting the intake of alcohol, consuming a balanced diet, controlling your diabetes, and keeping yourself protesting against harmful chemicals.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment:



Repeton, an herbal supplement against the present conventional medicines tends to be the most effective Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment. Prepared using some rare, beneficial herbs, repeton contains no side effects and harmful chemicals. Indeed, Herbs Solutions by Nature has a name, when it comes to the treatment of diseases of which their patients have almost lost hope.

Over the years, Repeton has helped innumerable individuals with peripheral neuropathy by easing numbness and burning sensation in their affected parts. In addition, it is also good for relieving constipation and stimulating digestion. Besides, the herbal supplement can help you gain control of balance, whilst reducing weakness. All in all, it is the right Natural Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy for patients of peripheral neuropathy. For utmost results, follow the instructions mentioned on its packing.

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